Welcome to the homepage of the Nordic Sound Art programme.
The Nordic Sound Art, Joint Study Programme is a Nordic collaboration established within the KUNO network, aimed at providing high level education within the field of sound art.

Sound art exhibition in Umeå, Sweden

Nordic Sound Art programme Degree show at The Umeå Academy of Fine Art Thursday 11th, Friday 12th & Saturday the 13th of September 2014 Official opening: Friday the 12th of September at 18:00 An intense three-day exhibition including sound installations, performances and concerts, with artists graduating from the Nordic Sound Art programme. Several inside, and […]

12 new students joining

We are pleased to announce that 12 new students, from the fine art academies in Umeå, Tromsø, Helsinki, Bergen and Copenhagen, has been accepted into the Nordic Sound Art programme. We hereby also warmly welcome Tromsø Academy of Fine Art as a joint partner in the programme. Furthermore the structure of the programme has been […]

Applications for the cycle 2014-2015

Applications for the cycle 2014-2015 Nordic Sound Art programme 2014-2015 About the programme The Nordic Sound Art programme is a one-year educational programme. The programme is a joint effort between art academies in the KUNO network. The cycle 2014- 2015 involves The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art’s Schools of Visual Arts, Umeå Academy of […]

Field recording

18th Nov – 22 Nov. 2013 at the Royal Academy of Fine Art, Copenhagen Denmark. Introduction to microphones and recording techniques. Historical recordings and listening sessions. Lectueres; Jonas Olesen, Rune Søchting, Eddy Bøgh Brixen.  

The Dirty Ear Forum

Perfomances at Landmark + Marken in connection with the The Dirty Ear Forum at Khib. The Dirty Ear Forum aims to focus on listening as a practice, questioning in what ways it participates in social life and cultural work. On 1 November the forum invites to an afternoon seminar at KHiB with presentations by sound […]

Reverberation Lab: The site-specifity of sound – Helsinki incubator

Prof. Caspar Stracke with Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski, Eero Pulkkinen, Jonas Olesen May 27th – May 31th. 2013, KUVA Helsinki, Finland The second Helsinki module of the 2012/13 Nordic Sound Art cycle will include a lecture and workshop and investigate various aspects of the notion of reverberation, defined as both, an acoustical phenomenon and a conceptual strategy […]

Sound as Image / History of sound art Helsinki.

Petri Kuljuntausta lectures. ‘History of sound art’ Petri Kuljuntausta did lectures spread over three days, covering the history of sound art and experimental music. The lectures included listening examples. Of the many subjects covered were: Sound art (concept) – sound in the arts (Douglas Kahn) Early sound instruments (mechanical), Heron Mammoth Ivory flute Léon Scott: […]

Neanderthal Electronics – Cph

Week one: Definition of sound Lecture given by Jonas Olesen on the nature of sound. The following subjects were described: – Sound as waves, wavelength, pitch, frequency, amplitude and phase – Measurement units: HZ, DB – Ultrasound, infrasound and sound as vibration – Mechanical recording (Edison and Berliner) – Basic sound visualization, waveform and spectrogram […]

Installation, site specificity, gardens and expanded architecture

KUNO Intensive Course Installation, site specificity, gardens and expanded architecture. Workshop/seminar by Alejandra Salinas and Aeron Bergman. Funded by Nordplus programme and KUNO network. Partner academies: Malmö Art Academy (Sweden), The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Denmark), Oslo National Academy of the Arts (Norway). Guest lectures by Triine Friis Sørensen, Rebecca Mazzai and Joel […]

Theory & Graphic Scores, Malmø

Oct. 31st – Nov. 4th 2011 Inter Arts Center Bergsgatan 29 214 22 Malmö Sweden http://www.iac.lu.se Stefan Klaverdal lecturing on Cornelius Cardew. Flopper presentation. Flopper presentation. Lauri Woulio presentation. Mathias Kristersson lecture. Mathias Kristersson lecture. Mathias Kristersson text.. The workshop is centered around general theoretical lectures given by Rune Søchting and Gertrud Sandqvist., in relation […]